Project Portfolio

As the culminating activity of this course, you will complete a portfolio that gives insight to a critical issue of water and environment that is of specific concern to you and your community. With it you will engage in the element of action and implementation that runs through the course. The portfolio will incorporate into itself all of the elements of our course as a whole, but will aim to assess and define problems and needs; identify potential solutions of a technical nature; evaluate the technical, financial, and social resources required to implement those solutions; find sources of technical expertise needed to craft those solutions; and begin to assemble the array of individual, community, governmental, and institutional partner necessary to bring projects to fruition.

Beginning here and continuing through all ensuing parts of the course, you will create a compilation that comprises issue identification, problem analysis, and solution design that you can use to make changes needed in your community. When you have completed your portfolio, I encourage you to share it with others to gain comment, feedback, and additional information, then add to and revise it as needed or desired. You can do this with people in your area, through online discussions, or by a combination of the two. Finally, once you have completed the final version of your portfolio, you will submit it online.

Use the following outline as a format for your efforts.

Structure of Portfolio
  • Identify problems.
    • o Explain why they are problems.
    • o Describe how they affect you and/or your location.
    • o How long has this been a problem?
    • Conduct research on the problems.
      • o Identify what, if anything has been done in the past to address the problems.
        • § Was it effective?
        • § How so or not so?
  • o Assess what have you learned in this course that addresses the problems.
  • o Evaluate the cost(s) that result from this problem.
  • Craft a solution to the problems.
    • o Determine what can be done to solve these problems?
    • o What will the solution(s) entail?
      • § Labor
      • § Money
      • § Supplies
      • § Technical support
      • § Management skills
      • § Time
  • o Do any of these requirements show a given solution is impractical or unfeasible solution for you or your location?
  • o If so, what might be modified in order to make it practical or feasible?
  • Promote your solution.
    • § Engage potential beneficiaries and key stakeholders to assess the solution and improve it.